Personal Training

Welcome to ELB training. Training session are for anyone who is looking to tone,lose weight, improve an injury, or increase athletic ability. Each personal training session is tailored to meet your individual needs. Each session will last 1 hour.

Single Sessions

Certified personal trainers will provide detailed instructions on how to find time to exercise, how to exercise, and how to find balance in your life. Exercise programs include total body strength training, cardio, and flexibility for all ages.

Training Packages

Group Training

If you would like to train in a group session you will need a minimum of 3 people.


Buddy Sessions

Bring a friend to sweat with and have fun. Buddies may perform the same exercise or different depending on individual needs.

Buddy Packages

Athlete Package

One hour assessment for $75.00 to discover your muscle weakness. Add month of customized online program with videos and accountability.


Online Training